Online MBA

The SBS Online MBA is a Swiss government accredited program, adapted to our student’s needs, ranked among the top online MBAs in Europe and worldwide.

The SBS online education model provides true flexibility, autonomy and support. Studying at SBS offers unique advantages and will allow you to:

  1. Develop essential skills to master the fundamental principles of business.
  2. Understand the challenges and competitive advantages of your business environment.
  3. Foster your ability to lead and make informed decisions.
  4. Cultivate a global professional network across the world.
  5. Be part of a personalized online learning experience, with dedicated support throughout your educational journey.
  6. Embrace a flexible yet structured approach to online education, enabling you to tailor your learning to your life while maintaining a clear path to success.

Online MBA at a glance

12 Modules: 7 weeks Per module (live webinar sessions)

Online lectures, exams, discussion boards and forums

Top ranked and swiss accredited Online MBA can be completed in 1.5 years

Learning Outcomes


Students will prove their comprehension of leadership and management in organizations thriving in a multi-cultural environment


Students will demonstrate a high level of global awareness


Students will exhibit a strong civic engagement and ethic behavior in their community

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Rankings: SBS accredited MBA

#2 European Online MBA Rankings (2023)

#3 Global Online MBA Rankings (2022)

#3 Global Executive MBA Ranking (2022)

#6 European Executive MBA Rankings (2023)

#7 Global Executive MBA Rankings (2023)

Tier One Global MBA Rankings (2023)

Ranked 1001+ by Times Higher Education Impact Rankings (2022)

AméricaEconomía Intelligence ranking: Best Global MBA (2022)

SBS Online MBA Key Features

  • SBS iLearn Portal – user-friendly web-platform
  • A flexible method of learning.
  • Truly portable state accredited MBA – you can follow courses from everywhere.
  • Study materials always in your pocket – accessible 24/7 from any device.
  • SBS accredited Online MBA empowers you to apply knowledge directly to your workplace. It transforms theoretical concepts into practical solutions.
  • Each module comes with a detailed course outline, including coursework, case studies, readings, additional resources and lecturers’ support.
Program Structure
Course Curriculum
Tuition Fees

The top-ranked Online MBA is a 90 ECTS accredited program: each course, with a duration of 7 weeks, is credited with 5 ECTS. The Master’s Thesis is credited with 30 ECTS.

  • Core course (9 courses)
  • Specialization specific courses (3 courses)
  • Master’s Thesis

Each course has a duration of 7 weeks. 

You will be able to choose from one of the following Specializations:

  1. International Management
  2. Marketing
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Global Finance, and Banking

Completion time for the program is expected to be in the range of 18 months on average. However, students may take up to 5 years for completion of the program. See the academic calendars for more details.


  • Successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree in the related field
  • Minimum of two years of work experience
  • English Proficiency for non-native speakers
  • Successful completion of the admissions interview
  • SBS admissions exam (when applicable)


– Applicants who do not meet the Bachelor Admission Criteria will be reviewed by the SBS Admissions Team.

– Applicants who do not have a bachelor’s degree in the related field will be asked to successfully complete a SBS Open Level-Up Online Course.

– Applicants can transfer credits from a recognized higher education institution if they have earned a grade ‘B’ or higher. 

Required documentation for the Online MBA Program

  • Copy of Bachelor’s degree (transcript and diploma)
  • Copy of the official Bachelor transcripts (grade sheet)
  • Complete CV indicating professional experiences and responsibilities
    • Minimum of two years’ work experience required for the MBA
  • One reference letter (professional)
  • English proficiency test results unless previous education was conducted in English
    • TOEFL IBT 90, IELTS 6.5 or equivalent
  • GMAT Only applicable for U.S. Bachelor degree holders
    • A total score of 550
  • Front-facing photograph, high quality in jpg/png/gif format
  • Scanned copy of passport or government-issued ID

The state accredited top-ranked SBS Online MBA is certified with 90 ECTS program: each course is credited with 5 ECTS; and the Master’s Thesis with 30 ECTS.

  • Core course (9 courses)
  • Specialization specific courses (3 courses)
  • Master’s Thesis

You will be able to choose from one of the following Specializations:

  1. International Management

Acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate cultural diversity, global markets, and multinational organizations. It enables effective leadership and management in an interconnected world.

  1. Marketing

Study strategies to identify customer needs, drive business growth, and navigate the dynamic marketplace through effective branding and digital marketing.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing the knowledge, skills, and mindset to identify opportunities, innovate, and navigate challenges to create successful and impactful ventures.

  1. Global Finance, and Banking

Learn how to navigate international financial systems, manage risks, and contribute to global economic growth. It encompasses cross-border transactions, banking regulations, and financial strategies for success in global financial institutions.

See the academic calendars for more details.

Core Course Description
Application fee (non-refundable):CHF 150.-
Administration fee (one time non-refundable):CHF 2’250.-
12 courses:CHF 1’450.- per course

Total tuition fees: CHF 19’800.-

SBS Swiss Business School is state accredited as a Swiss University of Applied Sciences Institute, in accordance with the Swiss Federal Act, HEdA.

The SBS Master of Business Administration program is nationally and internationally accredited by the following institutions:

Learn more about our accreditation bodies

Online Resources

The SBS iLearn portal allows you to access a range of online services to support your enrollment and study needs the online communication services are designed to enhance your participation in the SBS Online MBA. As an online student, you have access to the following services:

Online forums

Case studies and additional course materials

Collaborate with other students

Course News & information

Live Webinars


Academic Calendar

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SBS Experience Stories

  • My motivation to study at SBS Swiss Business School was to be able to gain an MBA degree fully online. I chose to study at SBS because it is in Switzerland, it has good infrastructure for online classes, and the program manager was extremely responsive. There are many things I liked,! Meeting new people virtually and I met a few good instructors!

    Jamila Akhundova
    Online MBA Alumni
  • I felt that I had enough technical background but lacked business management skills, and SBS offered me the opportunity to continue my regular work schedule and still advance on my education on the areas I had to improve I chose SBS, because after visiting the campus and speaking with the program manager, I had the impression that SBS was the right school for me given the program curriculum, the school’s international certifications and the cost for the whole program. My education at SBS has helped me open my view on business opportunities and the proper way to execute business ideas and concrete the opportunities. It has been a great challenging and yet satisfying educational experience

    Oscar Guerra
    Online MBA Alumni
  • SBS Swiss Business School has a great range of core curriculum which provides great advantages for the students, as well as Flexi and on-line educational options that can fulfill the different needs of people from various industries, segments. I choose SBS because of its strong and reputable position with great lecturers. The OMBA indeed helped me to harmonize my industry knowledge with today’s most advanced theoretical curriculum. I really liked the knowledgeable and experienced lecturers who are experts in their field.

    Ilhan Yalcin
    Online MBA Alumni
  • I decided to do the online MBA at SBS Swiss Business School to boost my career, hopefully get a higher position, and learn more about management. The OMBA offers a high-quality online program that is recognized and accredited for an affordable price. Throughout the OMBA, I learned many interesting subjects and I feel more comfortable in management. All the lecturers are very experienced, involved and kind. They supported me through every question I had in a very professional way. Not only is this, the new location, SBS Park, is amazing.

    Alexandre Kovar
    Online MBA Alumni
  • Coming from a technical background in the automotive field, the Online MBA program at SBS has provided me with critical new knowledge and practical experiences thereby contributing to grow my capabilities in the business acumen. The learning experience, with leading professors from around the globe, seamlessly communicated via a great digital e-learning platform has allowed to combine my full time job with global mobility and my learning experience. The balance of the course between theory and practice translate into a valuable and distinguished learning experience. As a student and as a marketing professional, I can only recommend the learning experience at SBS for any professional that’s is looking to take their career and experience into a new dimension, better prepared to face the professional challenges ahead.

    Pedro Iglesia González
    Online MBA Alumni
  • Doing my Online MBA with SBS Swiss Business School I have been able to further develop my skills and knowledge with regards to project management and evaluation. I was looking for a school with a good reputation and one that would assist and support me with my deafness. Now looking back my targets have been fully exceeded. Everything was done to make my adventure productive in a stimulating environment. I wish to praise the quality of the teachers and their availability to me. I actually have no words to describe my experience with SBS because it went beyond my expectations. It is a great experience in learning with a great staff. Thumbs up SBS!

    Marco Ecclesia
    Online MBA Alumni
  • SBS, using the very valuable and nicely organized Online MBA program, provides the opportunity to meet and learn from excellent professors and academic team. Thanks to the quality of the courses and the professors, the MBA gave me the opportunity to put myself at the forefront in dealing with different management issues. I really enjoyed the teacher-student feedback, the contents of the courses and the framing offered. Moreover, I have an excellent memory of the professors who were always there to answer and to help.

    Dr. Ramin Radpour
    Online MBA Alumni

Join the Online MBA at SBS and study your practically oriented MBA anywhere. 

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