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Welcome to our modular Executive Master of Business Administration program (EMBA), a pathway to earning an academic degree comprising 70 ECTS points. The SBS Swiss Business School State-accredited EMBA is carefully designed to meet the demands of leading organizations in the knowledge economy, with a special focus on International Management.

The strict quality standards of the Swiss and British Accreditation Council, and the accreditation agencies IACBE and ACBSP, guarantee the international recognition of our EMBA. Moreover, the EMBA is listed in top global business rankings.

Our practical-oriented curriculum, enriched with an international focus and direct applicability, is tailored to enhance your decision-making skills and problem-solving abilities. It will provide you with tools to contribute value to businesses, thrive in interdisciplinary and multicultural environments and achieve your career goals. Unleash your leadership potential and shape a future of success with SBS Swiss Business School!

Executive MBA at a glance

Swiss state-accredited Part-time EMBA program

11 modules, 11 months (ongoing enrollment)

Once a month on campus lectures - Friday to Sunday

Why the SBS Executive MBA?

  • SBS Swiss Business School offers a world-class State-accredited Executive MBA that allows you to continue working.
  • Our recognized EMBA program combines academic theory with real-world application, with elements that you can immediately implement to foster your professional career.

Learning Outcomes


Students will prove their understanding of leadership and the nature of management in organizations, thriving in a multi-cultural environment


Students will demonstrate a high level of global awareness


Students will exhibit a strong civic engagement and ethic behavior in their community

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Executive Master Of Business Administration

MBA Program Management
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Mon – Fri 08:30 – 18:00

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Program Structure
Course Curriculum
Tuition Fees

SBS Swiss Business School encourages participants to draw on their own professional experiences, creating an interactive learning environment and promoting an exchange of ideas between Students and Faculty.

  • An emphasis on teamwork and study groups is an essential part of the Executive MBA experience to prepare individuals for a successful professional career.
  • A mix of techniques focused strongly on the SBS case study methodology, allows our students to work in multi-cultural and interdisciplinary groups, discuss, debate and solve real-life business problems.


Our recognized and state-accredited Executive MBA consists of 11 modules on-campus and 1 online course taking place over 12 months.

  • Classes on campus take place one weekend every month (Friday to Sunday)
  • The online course is a 7-week Module fully online
  • Each participant must write and defend their Thesis
  • Personal development and career coaching are one of the essential elements of the program


EMBA Specialization: International Management

Ongoing Enrollment

Mode of study: part-time (1 year)

70 ECTS / (Level / EQF 7)

  • Successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized educational institution
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a managerial or executive role
  • English Proficiency for non-native speakers
  • Successful completion of the admissions interview
  • SBS admissions exam (when applicable)
  • Minimum age required: 30 years


– Applicants who do not meet the Bachelor Admission Criteria will be reviewed by the SBS Admissions Team.

– Applicants who do not have a Bachelor’s degree in the related field will be asked to successfully complete SBS Level -Up Online Courses, prior to entering one of the SBS Master programs.

– Applicants can transfer credits from a recognized higher education institution if for the course they have earned a grade ‘B’ or higher. 


Required documentation for a successful Executive Master of Business Administration Application

  • Copy of Bachelor’s degree (transcript and diploma)
  • Copy of the official Bachelor transcripts (grade sheet)
  • Complete CV indicating professional experiences and responsibilities
    • Five years of managerial or executive experience required
  • English proficiency unless previous education was conducted in English
    • TOEFL IBT 90, IELTS 6.5 or equivalent
  • GMAT only applicable to U.S. citizens and U.S. Bachelor degree holders
    • Total score of 550
  • One reference letter (professional)
  • Front-facing photograph, high quality in jpg/png/gif format
  • Scanned copy of passport or government-issued ID

The SBS Swiss Business School Executive MBA is a 11 month State-accredited and certified program with 11 modules.


  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Strategy and Sustainability                                   
  • Managerial Economics                                   
  • Sustainable Corporate Finance
  • Negotiations for Business Success
  • Entrepreneurship and Corporate Venturing
  • Managerial Accounting
  • International Financial Management
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • International Business and Management Simulation
  • Business Analytics
  • Online: Statistics for Research (in October every year)


Each participant must write and defend a Thesis.

Personal development and career coaching are essential elements of the program.

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Tuition fees at SBS Swiss Business School can be paid in full or in installments according to the payment plan below.

Application fee (non -refundable):CHF 150.-
Administration fee (non-refundable):CHF 3’500.-
Per course (11 modules):CHF 2’200.-
Online module:CHF 500.-

Total tuition fees: CHF 28.350.-

We offer a 5% discount on full payment at the start of the program.

SBS Swiss Business School is a Swiss University of Applied Sciences Institute is nationally accredited in accordance with the Swiss Federal Act, HEdA.

In addition, our Executive Master of Business Administration program is internationally accredited by the following professional accreditation bodies:

Learn more about our accreditation bodies!

Academic Calendar

Classes are held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00-18:00. 

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SBS Experience Stories

  • My motivation to study at SBS Swiss Business School was getting an educational challenge besides a new job. I chose the EMBA Program at SBS Swiss Business School because it was an appealing program with 12 monthly courses; no traveling; top facility; lectures with commercial experience; a school with a good reputation; throughout positive references from former students. I liked that all subjects were taught in an ideal mix between theory and practical reality, spending an extended weekend per month for one course (subject), no excessive team works, very competent, and experienced lecturers. My overall experience was very exciting, instructive, energy-sapping, and demanding. Simply a great learning experience that stays unforgettable!! Absolutely recommendable!

    Marcel Stäheli
    Executive MBA Alumni
  • SBS is an institution dedicated to business education with internationally established reputation. For example, its rankings among top MBA online programs at Financial Times speak for itself. The educational outcomes are precious, and I am applying them daily in the field of TIME technologies (Telecommunications, IT, Media and Entertainment). Completing the E-MBA at SBS was for sure one of the enablers for my professional undertakings, and I warmly recommend it not only to my acquaintances, but to my close colleagues and friends as well.

    Milan Andjic
    Executive MBA Alumni
  • I am extremely pleased with my decision to pursue the Executive MBA at SBS. It has excellent faculty members delivering well balanced contents from both theoretical and practical aspects, professionally in a multicultural environment. I am confident that learning will help me overcome many challenges to come in the ever evolving and dynamic business environment.

    Gautam Randhawa
    Executive MBA Alumni
  • My aspiration towards global leadership opportunities has led me to join the Executive MBA at SBS Swiss Business School in Switzerland. I have found the program being dynamic, shaping and empowering in term of improving skills that are enablers to face and to rise to the global market’s challenges. I am convinced that those five semesters at SBS of intensive learning from classmates, instructors and professors will become an essential asset for my future professional and entrepreneurial ventures.

    Thierry Kebila Ngouessi
    Executive MBA Alumni
  • The SBS Executive MBA program is a terrific blend of theory and practice, providing many opportunities to take what I had learned and apply it in the workplace. I am now able to tackle complex business issues with greater confidence and a broad perspective. The program has provided tremendous value to me and was an excellent career platform.

    Hanspeter Häfliger
    Executive MBA Alumni
  • The SBS Swiss Business School MBA program has greatly improved my ability to develop solutions to strategic managerial and financial business problems. Managerial and strategic issues in an international context are recurring themes throughout the program and are of increasing relevance in today’s global economy.Ildiko Izsak T
    Ildiko Izsak

    Ildiko Izsak
    Executive MBA Alumni

SBS Swiss Business School is among the first Business Schools in Europe to adapt its Executive MBA program towards the new demands of leading organizations and companies within the knowledge economy.

For SBS Swiss Business School in general.