Center for Strategic Corporate Foresight and Sustainability

“Navigating the Future: Where Foresight Meets Sustainability”

The 21st century offers unprecedented opportunities and challenges. From climate crises to technological revolutions, every organization finds itself navigating a landscape of profound change. But in this uncertain future, how do we make informed decisions? How do we ensure not just growth, but sustainable growth?

Welcome to the Center for Strategic Corporate Foresight and Sustainability (CSCFS)


Positioned at the forefront of knowledge and innovation, the CSCFS is more than just a research center—it’s the nexus where strategic foresight meets sustainable practice. Our mission is simple yet profound: to pave the pathway for organizations to embrace a prosperous and sustainable future.

Emerging from SBS Swiss Business School, the CSCFS is not merely an academic endeavor. It’s a global movement. A collaborative network of scholars, industry leaders, policymakers, and curious minds. We delve deep into the intricate discussion of emerging trends, risks, and opportunities, providing organizations the vital insights to grow amidst uncertainty.

But our vision extends beyond the boardrooms. Sustainability isn’t a buzzword for us—it’s a commitment. We integrate environmental, social, and economic considerations at every level, ensuring that as businesses grow, they do so with responsibility to our planet and its people.

Our activities reflect our ethos:

  • Interdisciplinary Research that sheds light on the complexities of our times.
  • Collaborative Initiatives with industry, government, and academic stalwarts to co-create a resilient future.
  • Knowledge Dissemination through seminars, publications, and events that foster informed decision-making.
  • Educational Programs that equip the next generation with the tools to lead.

At the heart of it all, we’re building bridges. Bridges between foresight and sustainability. Between academia and industry. Between what is and what could be.

This isn’t just our journey—it’s yours too. Join us at the CSCFS as we redefine the boundaries of what’s possible, transforming challenges into opportunities and aspirations into realities.

Together, let’s shape a future that resonates with prosperity, responsibility, and innovation.

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Dr Michael Gerlich, PhD
Head of Center for Strategic Corporate Foresight and Sustainability

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Center for Strategic Corporate Foresight and Sustainability
SBS Swiss Business School
Flughafenstr. 3
CH-8301 Kloten-Zurich
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