Student Accommodation

How much should I pay for student housing in Switzerland?

The amount you need to pay for student accommodation in Switzerland depends on the size of the accommodation, privacy and proximity to the university. Generally, a room in shared accommodation in Zurich costs between 600 and 800 Swiss francs per month, while private accommodation costs around 900 to 1500 Swiss francs per month.

Where can I find student housing in Switzerland?

Before you enroll at the university, you should make sure where you will live before you apply for a visa. It is advisable to start looking for housing as soon as you have received a place to study. There are several organizations you can apply to for housing, and each offers different types of housing to suit your needs.

SBS Swiss Business School doesn’t offer any dormitories or housing options on campus and all SBS students rent their own private or shared accommodation in close proximity to the institution either in Kloten or in Zurich areas.      

Some accommodations options are listed further below for your review.   


Student Accommodation Options

For our students looking for accommodation for longer than one month.

The housing system in Switzerland is slightly different from what you might be used to in your home country: Swiss universities do not usually have on-campus housing. Instead, students often organize themselves in flat-sharing communities (“WG” or “Wohngemeinschaft”), with several people renting a flat together and sharing the rent. For new incoming foreign students with no acquaintances in Zurich, it can be difficult to find a flat to share. it is best to start looking as soon as possible before the start of the semester.

Please refer to the websites that could help you with accommodation.


If you are staying in Zurich for a couple days you can find some hotel suggestions that are located around SBS Park.