SBS Governance

SBS Swiss Business School operates by an institutional and academic governance framework. The Supervisory Board (SB), presided by the President, is the highest authority in the institution. It is responsible for directing and controlling the business school.

The role of the Faculty Academic Board (FAB) is to direct and control the academic matters within the institution. It meets on a monthly basis and is headed by the Head of Faculty. It is responsible for overseeing and monitoring academic policies and procedures, academic standards and quality assurance together with the Quality of Education Board (QEB).

The Research Advisory Board (RAB), is responsible for knowledge creation and carries out the applied research strategy of SBS.

The involvement of students in the decision-making process is important. Students are represented via their class presidents and the Alumni Advisory Board into the FAB.

Since the andragogical principles are the core of the learning philosophy, the Business Advisory Board, ensures that the curriculum of the institution entails the industry needed skills.  The BAB is composed of leaders from corporations, but also representatives of employers, which makes it a unique board.