SBS Governance

SBS Swiss Business School operates through a system of integral management. This means that every level of the organization is responsible for ensuring efficient, effective and lawful shared decision-making. Codes of Conduct and a transparent academic culture play a crucial role in the risk management system of the institution.

The Supervisory Board is the highest authority in the Institution. It reviews the Academic Plan and checks the performance of the Academic Dean twice a year.

The Executive Board is another governing board of SBS. It is responsible for the daily management of the institution and its financial health. The Board of Trustees is an independent oversight board.

The Faculty Board consists of the Head of Faculty and the different program managers and meets on a regular basis. The Faculty Board organizes a Faculty meeting at least twice a year. The Faculty meeting consists of student representatives, Faculty Chairs and Faculty Members. The Examination Board is responsible for internal and external moderation of exams, internship reports and thesis works.

Other boards are the Business Advisory Board and the Research Advisory Board. The Business Advisory Board consists of members from the industry who advise the Executive Board on changing matters in the professional environment. The Research Advisory Board supervises the different research centers at SBS and carries out the applied research strategy from SBS.


The Supervisory Board meets twice a year, before the yearly graduation and in mid-April.

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