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SBS Swiss Business School operates by an institutional and academic governance framework executing the Vision and Mission of SBS.

  • The Supervisory Board (SB), presided by the President, is the central authority in the institution. It is responsible for directing and controlling the business school. The SB works aligned with the Board of Trustees (BT), which consists solely of the shareholders of SBS Swiss Business School GmbH.
  • The role of the Faculty Academic Board (FAB) is to direct and control academic matters within the institution. It meets regularly and is headed by the Head of Faculty. It oversees and monitors academic policies and procedures, academic standards, and quality assurance, in cooperation with the Quality of Education Board (QEB).
  • The Research Advisory Board (RAB) monitors and reviews the Strategic Research Plan of SBS, which is a central element of the Vision and Mission of SBS.
  • The involvement of students in the decision-making process is important. Students are represented in the Student Council (SC) and the Faculty Academic Board (FAB).
  • Alumni of SBS are included via the Alumni Board (AB). The AB coordinates alumni events and informs about changing needs at the workplace to improve the curricula.
  • The Business Advisory Board (BAB) comprises industry and educational specialists. The BAB ensures that the institution’s curriculum entails industry-needed skills. 
  • The Ombudsperson is an independent and impartial official who advocates for fairness, justice, and good governance. The Ombudsperson of SBS is available for internal stakeholders.


AY 2023-24 Goals

September’s graduation ceremony was a happy end to another successful year for SBS Swiss Business School. It was a time for students, faculty, and staff to celebrate together. Now, our attention needs to turn to the upcoming academic year.

As SBS Swiss Business School enters its second year as a University of Applied Sciences institute, our focus is on continuing to expand our presence in the Swiss university landscape. Each of the four pillars of the university…education, research, services, and administration…will continue to adapt to our new mandate.


As a recognized Swiss institute of higher education, one of the major changes in the school’s education pillar is the transition from only the Bachelor of Business Administration to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the Zurich campus. The first steps were made last year, and our goal for the coming academic year is to continue with the implementation of that transition.

The transition is more just a change in names. While the core of the program still focuses on imparting basic business skills to all course participants, the new program also stresses the development of applied research knowledge, skills, and abilities.


SBS has always had a role in research, as witnessed by the school’s successful Journal of Applied Business Research (JABR). Even before recognition as a University of Applied Sciences institute, the school participated in and organized research events.

For the coming year, our goal is to continue to increase the number of instructors conducting research and to increase the number of articles published in peer-reviewed journals. By incorporating the results of that research in the classroom, students also share in the benefits of being a university of applied sciences.

Goal 3. GROW

SBS’s involvement with corporate partners in the Zurich Airport Region extends back many years. The school has regularly offered professional development courses and seminars. In the services pillar, this past academic year saw major advancement with the implementation of new executive education courses focusing on current business issues and trends.

The coming academic year will develop further on that success. A Center for Strategic Foresight and Innovation will begin operations in January, increasing SBS’s service to local, regional, national, and international individuals and organizations.

Goal 4. EXCEL

SBS has always prided itself in ensuring quality in all aspects of school administration.  SBS was one of the first business schools in Switzerland to achieve IACBE and ACBSP accreditation. We continued to be the lead school with the first British Accreditation Council recognition.

SBS has always stressed excellence in administration and operations. SBS was one of the first Swiss schools to sign and adopt the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Gender and racial equality are of continuing importance.

For the coming year, the pace does not let up. National and international inspectors will be welcomed again on campus.


The coming year promises to be another great one for SBS. Let’s all work together…students, faculty, and staff…to implement, increase, grow, and excel. And, as the Academic Dean always reminds all of us, ” Keep on having learning fun.”