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Next to teaching and applied research, the third major task of SBS is to provide services to third parties.

We have a large portfolio of activities:

For Companies and NGOs

  • Consultancy Activities
  • In-House Training: e.g. Roche, Germany
  • Strategic and Sales Analysis
  • Room Rentals 

For Managers & Leaders

  • Change Management
  • Coaching & Leadership Workshops and Seminars with Dr. Furrer, Dr. Sobiecki, Dr. Borboa 

For Universities

  • Exam supervision: e.g. Daikin University, Australia
  • Specialized company and cultural visits for students: e.g. Indian Institute of Management

For Individuals

  • Custom Tailored Coaching
  • Preparation for Language Exams
  • Room Rentals 

Community Services

  • Kloten: students volunteering  for “freiwillig Kloten

  • SBS donating computers to international partner institutions 

  • SBS sponsoring projects in Latin America

  • SBS sponsoring young mothers in the province of Karnataka (India) for better food for their children,

Looking for an intern?

  • As a company or organization, you can ask one or more trainees to fulfill specific assignments for you that match their competencies.

  • All trainees are closely monitored by their internship supervisors and lecturers. A clear agreement is made between your organization and the SBS in which the outline of the assignment is clearly defined.

Bachelor Thesis

  • Within the framework of bachelor’s theses, specific research questions can be dealt with or projects can be realized. Bachelor’s thesis are always carried out under the supervision of a lecturer.

    Contact the  BBA program manager for more information.

For inquiries, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

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