SBS Sustainability

Sustainability at SBS Swiss Business School

As members of the SBS community, we stress awareness of and engagement with environmental health from a critical perspective, recognizing that environmental matters are deeply connected to issues of culture, political economy, gender and power. We maintain that SBS Swiss Business School adopts policies and practices that recognize the importance of alternative cultural and gender perspectives within our own campus. We also stress the importance of incorporating sustainability-based curricula from a dynamic and interdisciplinary perspective in order to enhance students’ ability to holistically engage the major environmental issues of their generation.

SBS Swiss Business School is committed to promoting sustainability through research, education, outreach and international collaboration. We recognize that sustainability transcends geographic, political, cultural and disciplinary boundaries. To this end, we take our international and multicultural campus community as a model to engage diverse stakeholders in our activities and initiatives.

We encourage the entire SBS community to engage in programs and projects that develop interdisciplinary collaboration as well as strive to “green” the campus and its surrounding neighborhood.  

SBS Swiss Business School hosts a Sustainability Week each academic year and faculty specifically cover the sustainability issues relating to their course.  Students are also responsible for organizing various events and workshops surrounding their sustainability area of choice. 

The 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) and their 169 subgoals are at the core of the Agenda 2030. Striking a fine balance, they account for the economic, social and ecological dimensions of sustainable development. SBS Swiss Business School is taking this responsibility seriously and is committed to integrating sustainability as a cross-cutting issue across all areas of the institution. 

SBS Swiss Business School is working to promote sustainable development in research, teaching and business operations:

  • It conducts research that makes a significant contribution to shaping sustainable development.
  • SBS transfers knowledge and skills through its teaching activities that enable students to respond appropriately to the challenges of sustainable development.
  • In its business operations, SBS promotes the careful use of ecological, economic, and social resources.
SBS Swiss Business School Sustainability Report 2023

At SBS, we pride ourselves on our willingness to chart new paths, and our dedication to sustainability is no exception. To not only meet but exceed our sustainability targets, we recognize the imperative to leverage our innovative spirit and aim for continuous improvement.

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