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Master of Science in Health Care Management (online)

Welcome to our unique Master of Science in Health Care Management Program, where business teaching and applied research merge seamlessly. Gain the essential skills and knowledge for a successful management career in the global health care sector.

We understand the importance of self-directed learning for adult learners. Emphasizing a work-applied approach, we encourage the practical application of knowledge and skills acquired in the workplace.

An MSc in Healthcare Management equips students with a solid understanding of the managerial principles and practices tailored specifically to the healthcare sector. The program provides in-depth knowledge about the healthcare industry, including its unique challenges, regulations, and trends. This specialized knowledge is essential for effective decision-making and problem-solving within healthcare organizations.

SBS Swiss Business School is a institutionally accredited independent higher learning institution. Our master programs boast international accreditation from esteemed bodies like the British Accreditation Council, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Join us in shaping your future in health care management!


The MSc in Healthcare Management offers a combination of industry-specific knowledge, leadership skills, and business acumen that prepares individuals for successful careers in healthcare administration and management

Whether you are interested in improving healthcare processes, leading teams, or shaping healthcare policies, this program can provide the foundation needed to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare sector.

Practical - oriented, global perspective, international student body. The program equips individuals with skills and knowledge for higher-level positions.

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The MSc in Health Care Management (ONLINE) entails 90 ECTS and lasts for a minimum of 1.5 years.

Next starting intake: September 2024.

Program learning outcomes

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of healthcare systems, including organizational structures, governance models, regulatory frameworks, and the interplay between various stakeholders in the global healthcare industry.
  2. Apply management principles and practices to healthcare organizations, including strategic planning, financial management, and human resources management, to ensure effective and efficient healthcare service delivery.
  3. Evaluate healthcare quality and patient safety frameworks, methodologies, and tools to assess and improve the quality of care.
  4. Demonstrate leadership skills to effectively manage diverse healthcare teams, foster collaboration, and motivate professionals to achieve organizational goals, while respecting ethical and cultural considerations within the healthcare context.
  5. Design and conduct healthcare-related thesis and research papers, critically analyze and interpret research findings, and apply evidence-based practices to improve healthcare outcomes.


Management of Care Processes (5 ECTS)

Financial Management for Hospitals (5 ECTS)

Health Service Operations Management  (5 ECTS)

Research Methods (5 ECTS)



Health Economics (5 ECTS)

Health Care Marketing (5 ECTS)

HR Management (5 ECTS)

Leadership and Organizations  (5 ECTS)



Health Care Informatics & Artificial Intelligence (5 ECTS)

International Health Law (5 ECTS)

Strategic Management in Health Care Organizations (5 ECTS)

Quality and Risk Management (5 ECTS)



Thesis (30 ECTS)


Motivated candidates should have a recognized bachelor’s degree, and at least 2 years of work experience in the health care sector. The program is conducted in English, therefore English language proficiency is a must.

SBS Swiss Business School is incorporated in the Canton Zurich, Switzerland. The independent higher learning institution is institutionally accredited. Our master programs are internationally accredited by the following professional accreditation bodies:

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Tuition fees at SBS Swiss Business School can be paid in full or in installments according to the payment plan below.

Application fee (non-refundable):

CHF 150.-

Administration fee (Non-refundable):

CHF 3’000.-

Start of Semester 1

CHF 7’000.-

Start of Semester 2

CHF 7’000.-

Start of Semester 3

CHF 7’000.-

Total tuition fees

CHF 24‘150.-

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