Entry and Student Visa

Before you can start your studies in Switzerland, you have to make various arrangements with regard to accommodation, insurance, entry and residence. The conditions depend on your country of origin/nationality. It is the student or prospective student’s responsibility to get information on the entry formalities in due time and make the necessary arrangements.

Most nationals from countries outside the European Union/ European Economic Area need a visa to enter Switzerland for study purposes. It is very important to check the immigration requirements early enough. After you submit the application it usually takes around 3 months for the visa to actually be issued! Please use the following link to find out whether you need a visa or not

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Entry Requirements

Student Visas

IMPORTANT:  A tourist visa DOES NOT allow you to pursue studies in Switzerland. 

Students from EU/EFTA countries and students from other countries (so called third-country nationals) must meet several conditions to enter Switzerland:

You should apply for your visa at the Swiss embassy or consulate in your home country at least four months before the start of your studies at SBS.

Important Note

If the student intends to follow the educational programs at SBS Swiss Business School for immigration purposes, it is the SOLE responsibility of the student or prospective student to check if the country of origin/destination accepts our educational programs. Immigration legislation is complex and changes on a regular basis, it is therefore the sole responsibility of the student or prospective student to check with specialized lawyers in this matter. SBS Swiss Business School does not take any responsibility in this matter.

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