Code of Ethics

SBS Ethical Behavior

Personal integrity is the foundation of a successful educational environment. SBS Swiss Business School’s students are expected to engage in the highest ethical behavior. Without this orientation, the grades and degrees will lack value and meaning. We expect each SBS student to uphold the following standards of honesty, integrity and personal responsibility.

Students will not engage in dishonesty or misrepresentations.

Students will not commit plagiarism on any exam or assignment.

Students will not submit an exam or assignment written, developed or prepared by another person, entirely or in pieces without proper and honest referencing.

Students will not prevent or interfere with the learning process of others in the environment.

Students will not damage any SBS property.

Students respect SBS technology and infrastructure, as well as the green educational environment.

This text is created by the SBS Academic Board with full approval of the Honorary President.

Policy Statement on Harassment and Discrimination

SBS believes that Harassment pollutes the working and learning environment and has a detrimental effect upon the well being, health, confidence, morale and performance of those directly affected by such behavior or who are witness to it. SBS is committed to creating a working and learning environment free from Harassment and discrimination in which all staff, students and visitors to SBS are treated with dignity and respect. These principles are stated in the student handbooks and the Statute:
SBS promotes equal opportunities and shall exercise no discrimination on the grounds of political opinion, age, color, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, marital status, race, religion or sexual orientation in the admission of students, or the appointment or promotion of staff or the awarding of any Degree, Diploma or Certificate.
The purpose of this Policy is to state SBS’s position on Harassment to raise awareness amongst SBS community of behavior that would be considered Harassment, and to provide guidance on informal and formal means of dealing with Harassment when it occurs.
  • “Harassment” shall mean harassment, bullying or victimization as defined in Part I, sections 3-8 of this Policy
  •  “Complainant” shall mean the person or group who make an allegation of Harassment
  • “Alleged Harasser” shall mean the person or group who are the subject of allegations of Harassment
  • “Friend” shall mean a registered student of SBS, a member of academic staff of SBS Swiss Business School

This Policy applies to all registered students of SBS, including those on part-time and distance programs, all members of staff, including honorary staff, and all visitors to SBS.

Copies of this Policy are available form from the Program Manager after enrollment.

Any other disputes are handled by the Vice President.

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