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The principal aims of the assignments on all program levels are: 

  • To stimulate program participants’ interest in the course.
  • To enable program participants to relate theory to their own experience and to the practical situation in the workplace
  • To test the extent to which program participants know and understand the course
  • To develop program participants’ analytical, decision-making and presentation skills
  • To enable program participants to monitor their progress

Content and Style

Bearing in mind the aims of assignments, program participants must demonstrate in their assignments:

  • That they know the topics in question by defining/describing the appropriate theories, concepts, principles or practices
  • That they have read widely on the course by quoting appropriate books, journals, papers, authors or other authorities
  • That they have understood the course by the application of their knowledge to the analysis of organizational situations/problems
  • That they have thought about the course by a selective and critical use of authoritative sources.

Assessed Assignments

Each course will have assignments that will account for 50% – 100% of the total marks of a course, depending on a course and on the plan of the lecturer.

SBS Swiss Business School reserves the right to vary the assessment scheme from time to time. Where any variation occurs, it will be notified in the Course Description and/or a relevant update prior to the start of the applicable course.

All assessed assignments must be submitted to SBS Swiss Business School. Program participants will be informed of their results, in writing, 20 working days after the date of examinations. The decision of SBS is final.

The Setting of Assignments

All assignment questions are set by the lecturers and approved by SBS Swiss Business School. They will be reviewed and revised regularly.

Setting and Marking of Examination Papers

All examination questions are set by the lecturers and approved by SBS Swiss Business School. Grades awarded in accordance with the standardized grading system will be conveyed directly to the program participants.

Examinations are kept for 6 years at SBS Swiss Business School. If the student would like to view their exams, the program manager can arrange this. The student has the right to view their examinations at any given time.

Date, Time and Place of Examination

Examinations (as appropriate) are held every two and a half months from the start of each course in accordance with the program timetable. The actual date, time, and place of examination will be determined by SBS Swiss Business School. Program participants will be notified of the details in advance.

Unless otherwise advised, examinations will be held on weekdays, Monday to Friday. The date, time, and place of examinations must be strictly adhered to and are not open to negotiation or variation

Submitting Evidence of Mitigating Circumstances

Mitigating circumstances are any serious situations beyond your control, which may have unfavourably affected your academic performance.