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At SBS Swiss Business School – University of Applied Sciences Institute, we believe that managerial success in the 21st Century will be related to the ability to put business knowledge into practice in a way that can be understood and shared by all the stakeholders of the organization. In order to support this idea and contribute to excellence in management skills, SBS Swiss Business School – University of Applied Science Institute has launched the SBS Working Paper Series as part of its institutional research strategy.

The purpose of SBS-Working Papers is to create a fast channel for disseminating early-stage research findings and ideas from the work-in-progress by professors, lecturers, and students at SBS. In addition, provided that there is a co-author with SBS Swiss Business School affiliation, executives, policymakers and administrators in the private and public sectors, strategists, management consultants, and others interested in the field of first-class management and postgraduate education are also welcome to submit their work-in-progress to open up further discussion on their topics. SBS Working Papers also aim to promote academic discussion and strategic analysis for practitioners managing global competition in products and services for all sectors worldwide.

SBS Working Papers Series represent a first concrete step toward academic publications. They are not formally peer-reviewed but screened for their academic suitability. The findings and ideas presented in the working papers may be improved with further researchand revisions by the authors.

SBS Working Paper Series particularly welcomes conceptual and applied research papers that advance knowledge in the fields of General Business, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales Management, Economics, Finance, International Business, Sustainable Business, Management Information Systems, and Digitalization.

The authors of the working papers are solely responsible for the contents of their work. The views expressed in the papers do not necessarily represent those of SBS Swiss Business School. The material presented in the working papers may be cited or quoted with a full indication of the sources.

The working papers should be sent to the Head of Research at SBS:
[email protected]

All work must abide by the formatting guidelines found at

The referencing style should follow the APA Version 7. For further information on policies or the preparation of manuscripts, please contact us.

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Examining Factors That Impact Board Effectiveness in Domestic and International Banks Operating in the United Arab Emirates

Alicia Anne Culbert

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Assessment of Direct Business Investment in Africa on Africa-Europe Migration Dynamics

Anthony Chibo-Christopher

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Determinants of Credit Management Practices and Their Effectives for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Sustainability, in UAE.

Mohammad Hassan
Beenu Mago

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Telecommuting and Employee Performance: The Moderating Role of Work Environment

Chuckwuemeka Clement Onyeka

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Competitive Tendering Method and its Effect on Project Performance

Joseph Adjei Mensah Idun
Collins Cobblah

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Digital Transformation and the Future of Work and Business in Africa

Anthony Chibo-Christopher

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Ethnic Albanian immigrant entrepreneurs from various Balkan regions living in Switzerland and their struggle, successes and failures: A qualitative study.

Ardian Retkoceri

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Examining the effects of the antecedents of the theory of planned behavior on intrapreneurial intention and the moderating role of perceived organizational support

Princewill Osaro Omorogiuwa

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Establishment of Project Management Office

Ashraf J.M. Al Ashram

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