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Research is the cornerstone for providing new knowledge for our students, which is one of the key aspects of the mission of SBS Swiss Business School.

SBS has two different research centers: the SBS Research Center and the SBS Center for Entrepreneurial Finance. They invigorate education by fostering creative and problem-solving approaches in a team-based environment. They also serve as hubs for engagement for the corporate world.

The SBS Research Center’s mission is to foster the research skills and competencies of students and faculty members. The center publishes different academic papers and working papers. The members of the center participate in seminars and workshops. The center organizes several research conferences a year. E.g. CIVETS, Seeking Alpha in collaboration with the SBS student council. The head of the center is Dr. Borboa.

In April 2016, the Board of Trustees approved the 2016-2021 Strategic Research Plan (SRP), through which researchers from different disciplines will contribute to discovery, new insights, and creative works.

For Companies

Is your company confronted with a specific management problem? Are you searching for a specific solution? Then contract research is the solution. We examine your needs and requirements and will propose a tailor-made solution. Contact us to discover more possibilities!

For Researchers

Are you looking for an international collaboration? We look for researchers who want to work in our primary areas, to partner with one of our faculty members. If you are interested, do contact us.

For Students

Please contact your mentor or your program manager directly.

Annual SBS Research Conferences 

  • April 18th 2011 – CIVETS Conference 
  • April 19th 2012 – CIVETS Conference 
  • Apirl 25th 2013 – CIVETS Conference 
  • April 17 2014 – CIVETS Conference 
  • April 18 2015 – MINT
  • April 17 2016 – MINT 
  • March 30 2017 – MINT
  • 19 April 2018 – Seeking Alpha – A Round Table Event 
  • 28 March 2019 – Seeking Corporate Social Responsibility – A Round Table Event  
  • 26 March 2020 – Upcoming: – Social Responsible Investments – A Round Table Event  

Recent Publications

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