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Research is the cornerstone for providing new knowledge for our students, which is one of the key aspects of the mission of SBS Swiss Business School.

The Research Advisory Board’s mission is to foster the research skills and competencies of students and faculty members. SBS publishes different academic papers and working papers, participates in seminars and workshops. 

Faculty-Driven Research

SBS Swiss Business School releases its research and project-related activities through a mix of print and electronic media. SBS publications such as books, chapters in edited volumes, articles in peer-reviewed journals, policy briefs, and working papers. 

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Student -Driven Research

We strive that our students produce strong and outstanding research during their program at SBS Swiss Business School. The students have the opportunity to submit their thesis twice a year (January or September). The results are summarized and we acknowledge the highest overall grade for each program. Each thesis work is published on our internal SBS Thesis Repository which is accessible to all students, faculty, and staff.

The Year 2023 Best Student Theses:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Student: Mr. Niklas Picavet
Topic: International Banking: How has the Downfall of Credit Suisse affected the Financial Markets and Sentiment of Investors of Switzerland?
Mentor: Dr. Madina Kukenova

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Student: Mr. Brett Punnavelithadam
Topic: A Study on the Income Level of Persons Living In Thodupuzha (India), Aged 25-50, and their decision to use chits funds or bank loans for financing purposes
Mentor: Mr. Alessandro Raschella

Master of Science (MSc)
Student: Ms. Karolina Chrapek
Topic: Home Office used during Covid-19 and its effect on Employees’ Engagement in Bicycle Business Headquarters in the German-Speaking Area in Switzerland
Mentor: Dr. Roman Borboa

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
Student: Mrs. Alice dal Verme
Topic: Overcoming Organizational Inertia with Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): The Case of a Swiss Multinational Company
Mentor: Mr. Alex Mari

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Student: Mrs. Madeleine van Niekerk
Topic: Impact of circular economy adoption on business performance within the Western European MedTech industry
Mentor: Dr. Bert Wolfs

Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
Student: Mr. Michael Oluwasegun
Topic: The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Agile Development Approach for Delivery Realization of It-Projects in Switzerland
Mentor: Dr. Bert Wolfs


The Year 2022 Best Student Theses:

Bachelor of Business Administration
Student: Ms. Evilina Komandina
Topic: The Role of Marketing of Social Media Influencers in Buying Behavior of Moscow Females
Mentor: Mr. Erdal Atukeren

Master of Science in Business Administration
Student: Ms. Carina Mae A. Ongkingco
Topic: The Influence of Electronic Payment Systems on Shopping Cart Abandonment By Millennial Consumers in E-Commerce Websites  
Mr. Richard Beswick

Master of  Business Administration
Student: Mr.  Paul Charles Nilsen
Topic: The Impact of Digital Banks’ Value Propositions on the Dominant Market Share of M-Pesa’s Mobile Banking Transactions in Kenya  
Mr. Dan Ravick Fiala

Executive Master of Business Administration
Student: Mrs. Biljana Mirceva
Topic : Assessment of the Organizational Employee Empowerment Factors and Trends Favored By Management  in the Swiss Med-Tech Industry
Mentor: Mr. Thierry Kieffer

Doctor of Business Administration
Student: Dr. Frank Tanner
Topic : The Ability To Speak Swiss German in the Adjustment of Partners of Expatriates and Immigrants in Selected Parts of Switzerland
Mentor : Dr. Roman Borboa

Working Papers, Journals, Case Studies, Projects

Published by SBS Swiss Business School, the JABR mission is to publish research that advances the field of Business Management. Methodologically, JABR covers the full range of empirically-based modes of inquiry using appropriate research frameworks, provided they demonstrate generic insights of significant value to Business Management.

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Annual SBS Research Conferences

SBS organizes and takes part in various research conferences throughout the year. Here you can view the upcoming conferences:

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