Course Curriculum

Online MBA Curriculum

In our Online MBA program, each course is credited with 5 ECTS; the Master’s Thesis is credited with 15 ECTS. The Online MBA is a 90 ECTS program.

Each course has duration of 8 weeks.* During the 8 weeks, students need to complete projects, analyze case studies, submit assignments and exams, as assigned by the lecturer. The Online Master of Business Administration (Online MBA) program requires completion of 15 courses, plus a Master’s thesis. Applicants can transfer credits from another higher learning institution, if for the course they have earned a grade ‘B’ or higher.

Completion time for the program is expected to be in the range of 24 months on average. However, students may take up to 5 years for completion of the program. Our SBS Online MBA is a modular program, consisting of 3 stages:

  • Core course (10 courses)
  • Major specific courses (5 courses)
  • Master’s Thesis 

International Management

  • International Business Finance 5 ECTS
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media5 ECTS
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Law5 ECTS


  • Retailing and Online Strategy 5 ECTS
  • Buyers Behavior5 ECTS
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media5 ECTS


  • Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture 5 ECTS
  • Sustainable Family Business5 ECTS
  • Retailing and Online Strategy ECTS 5

Global Finance and Banking

  • International Business Finance5 ECTS
  • Decentralized Finance5 ECTS
  • Futures and Options ECTS 5