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Twins In Denial

“Japan is the best and only relevant case study to predict what will happen to the U.S.”

Thomas P. Signer

Thomas P. Signer, SBS Faculty member, has recently published “Twins in Denial” a fascinating book on parallels between the US and Japan economy.

Building on Singer’s earlier work “The Harder They Fall: Will the U.S. follow Japan into the Abyss?” (2004), Twins in Denial argues that the U.S. economy is undoubtedly following the same path as Japan’s.

While the media, economists and policymakers have often acknowledged parallels between the US and Japan over the years the discussion is, even to this day, still heavily couched in denial.

With a comprehensive comparison of the fascinating boom and bust cycles of the two nations, Twins in Denial details how American policymakers have continuously failed to learn these crucial lessons from Japan.

But how can two countries as dissimilar as Japan and the U.S. share the same economic fate? The answer lies in one persistently overlooked commonality: Demographics. By comparing the astounding demographic similarities between these two nations, Twins in Denial demonstrates clearly why the U.S. is shadowing Japan and what consequences this disturbing parallel will have for America’s economic and financial future.

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