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An interview with Dr. Bert Wolfs, SBS Academic Dean, appears on the MBA Special of the Swiss magazine Handelszeitung, March 3 2011 issue.
Here you have the English version of the interview:


“Financial-Crisis Related Case Studies”

What kind of influence did the financial and economic crisis have upon business demands?
Bert Wolfs:  SBS fulfills the requirements of today’s economy through its practical-orientated international environment, through both the student body and its profile of lecturers and professors which has been successful both throughout and after the financial crisis

Have you noticed any changes in the number of applicants since the crisis?
The total number of students has not changed significantly. There were however more full-time students during the crisis. After the crisis, the number of part-time students increased marginally.

In light of the crisis, were there any changes made to course content?
The Business Advisory Board of SBS decided to integrate more crisis-related case studies to its courses. Ethics is becoming a very relevant point of discussion, and one which is of great importance to SBS since becoming a leader in this area.