Which SBS Swiss Business School’s MBA program should I choose and why?

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In today’s ever-changing global marketplace, successful professionals must embody innovation and entrepreneurship, seamlessly integrating theoretical and practical knowledge of business principles with specialized skills.

SBS Swiss Business School offers an array of Swiss state-accredited MBA programs, available both as an online program and part-time face-to face, meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of professionals and those aspiring to advance in their careers. This is why.

That’s why we present the following blog, offering an overview of SBS MBA programs. We’ll delve into their advantages and disadvantages, making it considerably easier for you to navigate in a world where job opportunities are increasingly challenging, and academic offerings are becoming more intricate.

In the subsequent lines, you’ll gain insights into the various MBA programs in Switzerland, SBS has to offer, along with their pros and cons, accompanied by a brief guide to assist you in selecting the program that aligns best with your aspirations.

Academic programs at SBS

The academic offerings at SBS are highly diverse, encompassing both theoretical and experiential foundations that will benefit you in any of the programs you choose. However, it’s crucial to pay attention to which program aligns best with your needs and capabilities.
In the following paragraphs, we delve into the specifics of the MBA programs in Switzerland. To ensure transparency and aid you in making an informed decision, we present the advantages and disadvantages for your consideration.

1. Personalized MBA

The SBS Personalized MBA is an accredited and certified part-time program that equips students with a specific set of specialized skills and knowledge. One of its main advantages is that it allows students to maintain their full-time job while studying, enabling the direct application of enhanced learning and skills in the workplace.
This program is ideal for those aspiring to ascend the career ladder, enhance their skills, or excel in their current workplace. The combination of face-to-face and online modules provides flexibility for busy professionals, allowing them to work and study in a manner that suits them best, always considering their available free time and preferences.


  • Flexibility to study while maintaining employment.
  • Specific emphasis on specialized skills and knowledge.
  • Direct integration of learning into the work environment.


  • Reduced immersion compared to full-time programs.

2 Executive MBA

The Executive MBA program at SBS Swiss Business School is a modular program meticulously designed to meet the demands of leading organizations in the global knowledge economy, with a special focus on International Management.
Swiss state-accredited and internationally recognized, this program stands out in global business rankings. If you are someone contemplating applying for a C-level position or aspiring to do so in the near future, this is the master’s degree you ultimately need.


  • Practical orientation with an international focus.
  • Meets high-quality standards and international recognition.
  • Enhances decision-making and problem-solving skills.


  • It can be intensive due to its executive focus.

3 Online MBA

The SBS Online program offers a strategic balance between theory and practice, structured sequentially to allow participants to build on concepts and practices studied. Practical classes are complemented by an online program of learning, encouraging the practical application of acquired knowledge in the work environment.

Recognizing diverse learning styles—some more theoretical and others more practical—this program enables you to harmonize both aspects for enhanced learning and real-world application.


  • Integration of theory and practice.
  • Live webinars
  • Practical application in the workplace.


  • Requires discipline to maximize the benefits of online program learning.

Choosing your path

The selection of MBA programs in Switzerland hinges on your professional objectives, learning style, and availability. Take into account your current work situation, long-term goals, and your preference for the mode of study.

Additionally, consider the reputation and international recognition of the programs offered by SBS Swiss Business School. In essence, the choice is more tailored to your needs. However, information is power, and staying informed helps us connect and achieve better results with the assistance of experts.
For instance, if you are currently employed but prefer not to take all your courses online, the Personalized MBA program would be the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you have limited free time and prefer a self-paced approach, we highly recommend the Online MBA program.

Why choose SBS?

Enrolling in a master’s program at SBS Swiss Business School grants you access to a range of student services, including the SBS iLearn portal, My SBS, student email, academic calendars, library services,  career, and networking opportunities.

These elements enhance your educational journey and contribute to your overall career development. For more details on each service and SBS distinctions, reach out to us to discover the myriad benefits you’ll gain by studying with us.

Also, stay tuned to our blog, where we update information, blogs, and news daily. Your choice of a an MBA program at SBS Swiss Business School hinges on your unique goals and circumstances. Thoughtfully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each program to make an informed decision and take the next step toward your professional success.

If you’re still undecided or need guidance, SBS Swiss Business School is here to assist. Contact us, and an advisor will help you make the best decision based on the information we provide. You can also explore the academic offerings section, where you’ll find details and features of each of our academic programs.
The key is to keep preparing yourself, growing, and getting ready for the ever-competitive world of business and management. Preparation is one of the greatest advantages you can acquire. Welcome to your academic journey with SBS Swiss Business School!