Stacey Sturrock-Davies

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Flughafenstrasse 3 8302 Kloten-Zurich, Switzerland

Stacey Sturrock-Davies

CAP, BSc, MSc Program Manager

Mr. Stacey Sturrock-Davies has served as the the CAP, BSc. and MSc Program Manager at SBS Swiss Business School since November 2023.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Kent, England, and is armed with a Cambridge CELTA language teaching certificate with experience in teaching in various fields and institutions since 2018. Stacey has honed pedagogical skills essential for effective education delivery in fields relating to language and communication between individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. With his experience, he serves as Program Manager and supports the organisation, its students, and the execution of these programs. 

Supporting students throughout their educational journey, Stacey remains committed to educational excellence.