Alexandra Lederer

Alexandra Lederer

Adjunct Lecturer

Alexandra Lederer believes that changing the world starts with happy and thriving work experiences. From entrepreneurs to employees and CEOs, Ms. Lederer believes that altruism and caring for the planet will only come through personal and professional flourishment.

With one foot in marketing and the other in organizational development she is passionate about crafting purposeful and inspiring places to work, learn and grow. From startup to mature businesses in Tech, Health and Hospitality sectors across France, Australia and the US, she has helped organizations transform their employers’ branding and employee experience to inspire and retain talents.

In 2019, Ms. Lederer, received a double award from the Hong Kong Management Association for her collaborative work in employee engagement and learning and professional development for a premium hotel organization.

Following an international education, Ms. Lederer has obtained a Master’s in Management from SKEMA Business School, a Diploma in Management Consultancy and a Certificate in Adult Learning. One of her goals is yet to make a positive difference for our planet and its inhabitants via her extensive knowledge and skills.  

Ms. Lederer is lecturer at SBS Swiss Business School for our Bachelor, Masters, and Executive programs.