Zurich: Voted Europe’s Most Livable City in 2023

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We’re thrilled to announce that Zurich has claimed the title of Europe’s most livable city in 2023! According to the European Comission’s Report on the Quality of Life in European Cities, 2023, a comprehensive survey involving 71,153 residents across 83 cities, Zurich stands out as a beacon of satisfaction and quality of life. Zurich is ranked first, with around 97 % of residents satisfied with living in their city.

Key findings from the report indicate an impressive satisfaction rate among Zurich residents. From financial situations to job satisfaction, public transport, healthcare services, and air quality, the people of Zurich express contentment across the board. Notably, Zurich takes the lead as the best European city for both LGBTQ+ individuals and older residents.

So, if you’re considering a move within Europe, Zurich’s high marks for quality of life make it a top contender. Congratulations to the vibrant community that contributes to making Zurich such a remarkable place to call home!

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