SBS Sustainability Week 2021 – Student-Led Forum Ends the Week

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Students in the third year of the SBS Swiss Business School’s BBA program successfully organized the 2020 student-led forum on the topic:

Building Resilience.
Companies Actions in Relation to Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

The students invited the following industry experts to join the forum to discuss this topic:

Corinna Dornbusch – HR Expertise at Robert Bosch Power Power Tools
Jochen Goeser – Global Lead Agile Transformation at Robert Bosch Power Power Tools

Katarzyna Tullberg – Business Resilience manager at Zurich Insurance

Dr. Roman Borboa – Ph.D. in Counseling and Environmental Psychology

Joel Vuadens – Chan –  Global Strategy Leader and Executive Coach

Michael Chatterton – Global Product Owner – Culture at Novartis

The event covered topics such as:

The effects of COVID-19 on workforce morale and productivity
SDGs goals of good health and wellbeing: industry, innovation, and infrastructure
What is a psychologically safe workplace?
What lesson is to be learned from the changes brought on by the pandemic?

A big thank you to the student organizers and to the guest speakers who made this event a SUCCESS!