SBS Research

SBS Research

The SMI is the most known index of  the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange. The SMI contains the 20 biggest blue chips in Switzerland. It had a market capitalization of 678 billion CHF last year.

The purpose of our research was to find a profile of the leaders of the SMI Blue chip companies and their educational background.

An amazing factor is that all CEO’s are male. Women are part of the Board of Management, but no single female was appointed as CEO.

40% of all CEO’s are Swiss, 40% are coming from EU countries, and 20% are US citizen. An interesting fact is that 25% of all CEO’s have obtained an MBA degree. Most of the non-MBA holders went to an advanced management program to enhance their management skills.

Our study also found a positive correlation between the level of education and the monthly salary. The better your educational background , the higher is your monthly salary. The average salary is CHF 7’780.- and was found in the financial services sector.

The overall conclusion of our study says that it is worth to invest in your education in order to enhance your  future career chances.