Managerial Success in the 21st Century

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The third volume of the SBS Journal of Applied Business Research has been released! SBS Swiss Business School has developed this journal in order to support the idea that managerial success in the 21st century will be related to the ability to apply business knowledge into practice in a way that can be understood and shared by all the stakeholders of the organization.

The SBS Journal welcomes high quality papers originated from universities and colleges offering DBA Programs. The editorial board has eight members. Editor-in-Chief is Dr. Charles Mercieca, Pd.D., Coordinator is Carl Olsen (SBS Swiss Business School).

Darius Sargautis from the BA School of Business and Finance, Latvia is the author of the article «Increasing bioethanol producers’ technological innovation capacity through r&d organization». Barry A. Vann, Aaron N. Coleman, Jennifer A. Simpson (University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, KY, USA) wrote about the «Development of the Vannsimpco Leadership Survey: A delination of hybrid leadership styles.» Jeremy G. Cruz, MBA (SBS Swiss Business School), wrote about «Nokia’s position in the global communication marketplace.»

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