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SBS Swiss Business School has been featured in the December / January 2009 edition by Newsweek.

The SBS Academic Dean Dr. Bert Wolfs got interviewed by Mr. Matthew Bellotti – the Editorial Director from Newsweek. Here are some parts of the interview:

As the current economic crisis produces frantic responses from government and financial institutions around the world, fingers are firmly being pointed and blame attributed, even if not always fairly or discriminately.

As the blame game gathers pace, it is the job of academics to pour over the potential lessons that need to be learned and instilling the best practices into future business leaders to ensure that we are not destined to repeat these mistakes.

Somewhat surprisingly perhaps, many Universities and Business Schools are noting an increase in applicants on their executive education courses. Whether it’s a masochistic streak or a feeling that they need to regain control, more Chief Executive, top managers and entrepreneurs that have seen the business world as they know it drop ever deeper into trouble are demanding greater knowledge. Which can surely only be a good thing.

Dr. Wolfs, the Academic Dean from Swiss Business School, believes that ”we are facing the most global severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. There is plenty of blame to go around. But as suppliers of and talent to the business community, business schools need to accept some responsibility.”….

…So where do we go from here? According to Dr. Wolfs, “We need to reconsider some of the models we have been teaching over the past years. In fact, these are great times for participants to return to Universities and Business Schools to relearn and experience, share new developments in the business world.”

A recession offers the individual chance to reflect and invest in themselves. By doing this, once the global recession is over, you are not only wiser about past events having learned from the mistakes of others, but you have the skills to help redefine the new-look business landscape.