2024 SBS Research Virtual Day Empowers Students for Thesis Success

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Last Thursday, February 15th, 2024, SBS Swiss Business School hosted the SBS Research Virtual Day, a series of enriching workshops designed to support students during their thesis writing journey. They were led by esteemed faculty members, including Dr. Bert Wolfs, Academic Dean, Dr. Carl Olsen, SBS President, Dr. Damir Matrljan, Head of Research and Research Advisory Board Chairperson, and Dr. Roman Borboa, Adjunct Faculty and member of the Research Advisory Board. These virtual sessions provided valuable insights and practical guidance to help students excel in their academic endeavors.

  • Dr. Wolfs engaged in one-on-one sessions with students to discuss their thesis topics and hypotheses. Students nearing the end of their program and preparing to dive into their thesis writing had the unique opportunity to participate in insightful discussions that offered invaluable feedback and guidance to refine their research focus.
  • Dr. Olsen led a workshop focused on proper citation techniques throughout academic papers for students seeking to enhance their academic writing skills, Dr. Olsen provided expert tips and strategies to ensure students master the art of citation and produce high-quality academic work.
  • Dr. Damir Matrljan facilitated a session in which students had the opportunity to hone their presentation skills. Through practical exercises and personalized feedback, Dr. Matrljan empowered students to deliver compelling and impactful presentations that effectively captivate their audience and showcase their research findings.
  • Dr. Borboa led an enlightening workshop aimed at guiding students in selecting the appropriate research instruments for their studies. Tailored for students with approved hypotheses, this session provided valuable insights into the research process, equipping students with the knowledge and tools needed to conduct rigorous and impactful research.

The SBS Research Virtual Day was instrumental in empowering students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in their thesis writing journey. SBS Swiss Business School remains committed to providing comprehensive support and resources to ensure the success of our students in their academic pursuits.