Diploma Programs

The best Executive Education programs nowadays need to be flexible and customized to address your challenges and master new skills. Therefore, at SBS you will find an international faculty of experts ready to help you and your company with tailored modern education that will best meet your needs.

On-Campus Sessions

SBS Certificate Upon Completion

Customized Education

Advanced Management Program (blended online / on campus)

Demands on senior leaders have never been greater. In an atmosphere of volatility, uncertainty,
complexity, and ambiguity, you need to act more decisively and think more strategically. This three-months advanced management program provides executives the opportunity to pause, reflect and gain a fresh perspective in a learning environment second to none. 

Two weeks you will be studying on our SBS Zurich-Kloten campus.

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General Management Program (blended online/on campus)

The one-month blended General Management Program (GMP) is a multi-modular general management and leadership program that introduces mid-career managers and leaders to learn how to connect the different management disciplines to become a successful business manager. 

One week you will be studying on our SBS Zurich-Kloten campus.

Our GMP is designed for managers and specialists who are looking to reinforce their strengths, learn new skills, connect to other high-achieving managers from around the world, and prepare for the next phase of their career.


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Compact Management Course (online)

This 10-week online program is designed for professionals interested in moving into a management role, as well as new managers looking to develop their strategic and leadership abilities. It’s also helpful for middle and senior managers who want to sharpen their knowledge in specific areas such as decision-making, strategy, financial statements, and how to value a project or company; and those who want to formalize their experience with a certificate from SBS Swiss Business School.


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