Public Relations

Course ID
MKT 207
ECTS Credits

The course will include a combination of lecture and practical exercises including student presentations. In addition, guest lecturers from appropriate specialty fields will provide for broadened perspectives.

The course will introduce the student to the basic elements and principles of public relations. The student will be able to execute basic public relations research, develop a basic public relations plan, implement components of that plan and evaluate the results. A variety of facets in the field will be explored including ethics and legal considerations, measurement and assessment methods, and career possibilities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate clear understanding of the basic four-step process of public relations and some knowledge of public relations history and ethics
  • Complete rudimentary public relations research including isolation of segmented audiences or publics
  • Create a basic public relations plan showing applicable publics, the tools to reach those publics, expected outcomes as a result of the public relations effort and a methodology for evaluation
  • Students will be able to show basic implementation skills including:
    1. Writing of a news release
    2. Developing a media “pitch” letter/query letter
    3. Writing of a public service announcement for radio or TV
    4. Developing a special events checklist
  • Understand and identify through evaluating case studies a range of skills necessary to the public relations profession
  • Develop an evaluation tool for a public relations activity
  • Recognize names and major contributions of key historical figures in public relations
  • Identify basic ethical issues inherent in specific public relations cases and identify an “appropriate” course of action for a public relations practitioner in those specific cases
  • Analyze public relations cases and identify the basic concepts and processes at work in those cases