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MKT 501
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Among business disciplines, marketing is the primary contact point between a business and its customers. Nearly everybody will, at some point in their career, wear a marketing hat. Understanding marketing will help you whether you are an accountant, a consultant, a programmer, a banker, or a museum curator. Appreciating customer needs and how to marshal the resources of an organization to meet those needs are crucial skills in today’s business world. This course develops a general management viewpoint in planning and evaluating marketing decisions, from both a strategic (e.g., market selection, firm objective, etc.) and tactical (e.g., promotion, branding, etc.) perspectives. This course will also help students understand how marketing decisions are affected by organizational and environmental influences.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge: The main objectives of the course are to strengthen students’ understanding of how marketing contributes to business strategy and firm performance, and to equip them with an effective marketing toolkit. A further objective is to help students strengthen the conceptual, technical and interpersonal skills that managers need to communicate effectively in the business world.

The objectives above are achieved through the combined and integrated application of both lectures (designed to discuss the relevant marketing concepts and methods) and case study analysis, which will provide a context in which to apply these concepts and methods. Class presentations are also employed. Students are encouraged to use class sessions as an opportunity to probe, extend, and apply the course material.

Application: through case studies we will be able to witness life-like situations (case studies) confronting modern management.

Modern marketing managers must better understand consumer behavior in order to drive organizational business. Furthermore, this course will focus on customer focus and driving business with this orientation and the strategy of holistic marketing. This concept will a focus of the class.

Essential Employability Skills:
Students will have the opportunity to learn (L) specific skills, to practice (P) these skills, and/or be evaluated (E) on the EES outcomes in a variety of courses. The EES include communication, numeracy, critical thinking & problem solving, information management, interpersonal and personal skills. The faculty for this course has indicated which of the EES are either Learned (L), Practiced (P) or Evaluated (E) in this course: (Click on appropriate box to complete description)