Legal Environment of Business

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MBU 591
Term 3
ECTS Credits

This course provides an introduction to the law of the European Union. We will discuss the theories of European integration and examine the constitutional and institutional structure of the EU. We devote substantial attention to the division of powers among the EU institutions and between the EU and its Member States. Other topics include the substantive law relating to the Common Market, the evolution of Fundamental Rights, the external relations of the EU, the enlargement of the EU as well as the formation of the euro zone and the ongoing debt crisis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and be able to formulate a reasoned opinion on the nature of the EU legal order and the role of law in the evolution of this order
  • Find, interpret and apply the different sources of EU law, including primary law, secondary law, case law, and the general principles of EU law
  • Understand basic doctrines of EU law such as direct effect, supremacy, effectiveness, fundamental rights, loyal cooperation and respect for constitutional identity, and being able to apply these doctrines in concrete cases
  • Understand the mechanisms in EU law for judicial review and enforcement, as well as their interconnection with national systems, being able to apply these rules in a concrete case, and to formulate a reasoned opinion on the existing system
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the institutional architecture of the EU
  • Understand the horizontal relationship between the institutions
  • Understand the vertical relationship between the EU and its Member States
  • Understand the law and policy making processes in the EU