International Economics

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ECO 210
ECTS Credits

The course introduces the basic concepts of international economics and strongly underlines its practicability in giving answers to economical problems related to international trade. Today, most domestic economic activities are linked in some way to international economic activities. It is therefore critical to understand how international trade works and how it influences the domestic economy. The course will concentrate on questions that arise from international trade and what answers can be given by theories and policies of international economics. A focus will lie on a successful nation’s economic policy.

Active participation by students is a key factor. Lecturing involves student presentations, class discussions and teacher presentations. Discussion of actual problems forms an integral part of the lessons. Students are required to do all assignments. Gaining a personal view is essential. Students are familiar with actual economic discussions and problems, especially in their native country.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the basic concepts of international economics
  • Critically review international economics theories
  • Know how to best adapt the basic concepts to practical problems
  • Formulate own opinion and draw conclusions of planned economic activities
  • Gain insight in how to implement a successful international economic policy by a government