Information Systems | 4th semester

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MIS 220
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The idea behind this module is to explore various ways in which information technology relates to objectives and goals in an organizational context, given the increasing inter-relationship between these two in today’s global world. The students will get a deeper knowledge about information systems and their impact on business processes. This course examines the fundamental principles associated with the strategic adoption, implementation, use and evaluation of information systems in organizations. It discusses the significant managerial aspects of treating information as an organizational resource and its increasing impact on today’s organization. The course consists of two primary components: business informatics – the study of the emerging technologies and knowledge management in the context of business organizations and enterprise applications. The course will examine the theoretical underpinnings of the competitive advantage of information systems, change management, information systems development process (the life cycle concept) and the practical and policy aspects of IS planning and IS strategies and ethical issues in information systems. This module takes a generic approach to enterprise resource planning systems and their interrelationships, covering all functional areas of this new type of management challenge. It discusses the re-design of business processes, changes in organizational structure, and effective management strategies that will help assure competitiveness, responsiveness, productivity, and global impact for many organizations in the years ahead. The course will involve lectures, readings, cases and discussions. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe how businesses use enterprise systems to achieve operational excellence
  • Discuss how supply chain management systems coordinate planning, production, and logistics with suppliers
  • Analyze the challenges posed by enterprise applications
  • Distinguish the new technologies used by enterprise applications