Communication and Negotiation Skills | Module

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COM 507
ECTS Credits

This course will enable students to further develop their communication and negotiation skills for business purposes (“Functional Business Communication”). Through the use of relevant specialist literature, exercises, role plays and case studies, students will be able to recognize essential characteristics of a communication situation, chose their own appropriate strategy and accordingly apply effective communication techniques. Students will also strengthen their cross-cultural awareness and critically consider ethical aspects in negotiations.

Learning Outcomes

The intention is for the students to be able to:

  • Effectively communicate in order to promote constructive cooperation in business (Allocation of Tasks,
    Criticism, Counselling/Coaching)
  • Successfully negotiate in tough business encounters (Distributive Negotiation)
    Identify, create and seize opportunities in complex business deals (Integrative Negotiation)
  • Work on their weak points as well as know and build on their communicative strengths