Commercial Correspondence

Course ID
ENG 115
Undergraduate ACC BBA
ECTS Credits

This course follows ENG 110 with a continued focus on engaging in the process of writing as well as identifying and outlining the elements of an effective document. Classroom discussions and assignments will hone in on identifying the audience, choosing the appropriate document/medium for communicating, outlining key ideas, establishing tone and ensuring a professional presentation – regardless of whether the communications’ medium is electronic or traditional. Students will attend all classes to collaborate and participate in discussions and document development. Students will be expected, therefore, to read, research, discuss, and work cooperatively, as part of the writing process. Most importantly, students will be exposed to various document types, including:

  • Agendas and Minutes
  • Emails and letters
  • Reports, Memos and Proposals: which apply some writing skills in classification/categorical, compare and contrast, cause and effect essay styles

Learning Outcomes:

Apply critical reading skills

  • Researching and analyzing documents (evaluating source materials)
  • Learning correct grammar, increasing vocabulary and range of technical/academic idioms/expressions

Review critical listening skills

  • Practicing note-taking skills, paraphrasing and summarizing
  • Developing and improving pronunciation, intonation in speech

Practice writing skills

  • Organizing ideas and thoughts
  • Presenting the ideas, thoughts and findings of others
  • Emphasizing writing skills
  • Building on style
  • Recognizing elements of effective writing
  • Developing and using correct grammar, relevant vocabulary

Use collaboration skills to leverage the strengths of the team/ class

  • Informal speaking through group discussions
  • Information organization
  • Analysis and/or idea exposition and development
  • Peer-review of outline-development