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In today’s workplace, specialization in programs and careers is essential for achieving career success. Thanks to technology and internationalization, companies have become increasingly competitive, seeking employees with international and high-quality knowledge and experience.

At SBS Swiss Business School, we are aware of the current academic and labor demands; therefore, we create programs that adapt to these needs and continually evolve to improve them.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSc) degree offered by SBS Swiss Business School in Switzerland is a program that focuses on creating awareness for experts in the field who aspire to grow and achieve a higher degree of specialization in response to current labor demands.

In this article, we will break down what the BSc in Business Administration entails, highlighting key areas such as international management, entrepreneurship, and marketing that will prepare you to face the challenges of the global business world. We’ll also explore everything you can create, obtain, and contribute to a company once you finish. Join us on this educational and professional journey!

BSc in Business Administration: A detailed overview

The BSc in Business Administration at SBS Swiss Business School is a full-time program with 180 ECTS credits spread over three years, divided into two semesters each. Taught by qualified faculty, classes take place at the SBS campus in Kloten-Zurich, Switzerland. However, this program goes beyond the conventional classroom.

Innovative approach to team-based learning

We believe in the relevance of team-based learning for today’s work environment. Our program stands out for its innovative approach, encouraging collaboration and group problem-solving. This method prepares students to meet business challenges effectively and efficiently.

Practical experiences included

In addition to lectures, students participate in internships, company visits, field trips, forums, and symposia, as well as guest lectures. These practical experiences complement theory with real-world applications, allowing students to connect the dots between academia and the dynamic business environment.

Thesis: The culmination of the program

The program culminates with the presentation and defense of a thesis on a business-related topic of the student’s choice. This stage offers participants the opportunity to apply and consolidate the knowledge acquired throughout the program into a meaningful project.

International job opportunities

The questions that arise are about the benefits that you will obtain from pursuing this career. In the following paragraphs, we share with you all the job opportunities that you will have, based on the specializations that the BSc program offers, as well as the knowledge and opportunities that you will experience within the program.

International management

Globalization has transformed the business landscape, and companies are looking for leaders capable of navigating this dynamic environment. With a BSc from SBS Swiss Business School in Switzerland, you’ll become a professional prepared to tackle the challenges of international management.

From multinationals to start-ups, the skills you acquired in the program will position you as an expert in managing diversified teams and making strategic decisions on a global level. The demand for professionals with international management experience is high, and your BSc will open doors to exciting opportunities around the world.


Entrepreneurship drives innovation and change. With the BSc, you will gain qualitative and entrepreneurial skills that will enable you to create and develop your own business ventures. Our program fosters the creativity, resilience, and business acumen needed to succeed in the competitive world of entrepreneurship.
Whether you dream of launching your own startup or contributing to the growth of existing businesses, the BSc program equips you with the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in the exciting world of entrepreneurship.


Marketing is the key to the visibility and success of any business, and as it changes and transforms every day, it is a unique and in-demand area of opportunity. With a specialized focus on marketing within the BSc in Business Administration program, you will immerse yourself in modern digital marketing strategies, branding, and campaign management.

You’ll learn how to analyze the market, identify opportunities, and develop strategies that positively impact the global audience. The SBS Swiss Business School’s BSc will position you as a highly competent marketing professional, ready to meet the changing challenges of the industry and contribute to the growth of any organization.

Exploring International Opportunities

Situated in Kloten-Zurich, our campus offers a strategic location that enriches the educational experience and provides access to an international business environment. Zurich, Switzerland, is a global financial center and home to diverse international companies.
The connection to the business fabric of Zurich and the world will provide you with unique networking and professional development opportunities. Additionally, Switzerland‘s reputation as a leader in innovation and quality of life adds extra appeal to your learning experience.

Opening Doors to Your International Future

That’s why the SBS Swiss Business School’s BSc in Business Administration is the springboard that will launch you into exciting global career opportunities. With an innovative approach to learning, specialization in key areas such as international management, entrepreneurship, and marketing, and a strategic location in Zurich, Switzerland, we prepare you for success in the competitive business world.

If you are looking for a dynamic career that will challenge you and allow you to excel on the international stage, the SBS Swiss Business School’s BSc program is the right choice. If you want to know more about this and other programs, contact us, so that an advisor can help you continue with the doors of your future; otherwise, visit our website, where you will find all the academic offerings we have for you.

To continue exploring more about the different job and academic opportunities, as well as everything new happening in the academic world, visit our blog, where you will find news, blogs, and crucial information for your future.

Join us and start your journey towards an entrepreneurial future full of possibilities!