SBS Online Mode – Don’t Worry We Got YOU!

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During these uncertain times, SBS Swiss Business School understands it may be hard for students to plan their educational future. We have tailored all our academic programs and activities for our current and future students to meet those educational aspirations.

How may you ask? SBS has an online learning tool that will allow our programs that are due to start in 2020-2021 to take place. We will continue to provide top-quality learning experiences for our students through our interactive iLearn portal. This hybrid learning mode adds an online option for all our students that are unable to come to SBS Park Campus due to travel restrictions or other concerns. With our live webinar sessions, chat functions, discussion boards, assignments, and much more, the authentic SBS experience can still take place in the safety of the student’s home.

Want to know more about this option? Contact our admissions officer or program manager.