Dr. Pierre Kohler


Dr. Pierre Kohler


Since 1991

Lecturer and Consultant in Quality Management, Quantitative Methods, Balanced Scorecard and Strategic Management. Improvement of qualitative and quantitative performance. Assistance to companies and public services for certification according to ISO 9000, Total Quality Management and Balanced Scorecard projects. Professor (MBA) for Quantitative Methods in Business and Management Science with Swiss Business School Zürich, Centre Interuniversitaire Euroqual and University of Applied Sciences de l’arc Jurassien (postgraduate program in Business Management).

Previous activities

Head of the Quality department at Gretag AG in Zürich, Switzerland (Quality-laboratories, manufacturing methods and normalisation group, calibration group and cable manufacturing).

studies and postgraduate work as physicist at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH/EPFL, European and US Space Agencies ESA/NASA and Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA

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