Nick Meijer


Nick Meijer


Nick Meijer, a native Dutchman, graduated from the Rotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University. He holds a MSc. degree in Business administration with management consultancy and change management as specialization.

He is a very experienced and practical professional who worked all his working life in export and import with a specific focus on international trade with developing countries and countries in transition.  He was for 8 years the manager of a Dutch trading company in Ghana. The company imported anything between Fokker airplanes and canned sardines.

Another 4 years he worked in Egypt where he represented the Dutch shareholders in three Dutch/Egyptian joint ventures. He has been working for multinational companies (such as Unilever-Emery) and for very dynamic smaller companies.

As an independent consultant he has been executing projects in over 50 countries around the world, for the World Bank, European Union, ITC, Interamerican Development Bank, ESCAP, African Development Bank, European governments, and many other international organizations and donor organizations.

He is a guest lecturer at a number of Universities in Latin America, Africa and East Europe.

Nick Meijer has a special interest in developing new management models and innovative internationalization concepts as an alternative to traditional exporting.

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