Dr. Murat Akkaya

Dr. Murat Akkaya

Adjunct Faculty


Dr. Murat Akkaya holds a bachelor’s degree of management from Hacettepe University, a Master’s degree of Marketing Communication Management from Galatasaray University as well as a PhD degree in Marketing from Yeditepe University.

Throughout his professional career, he has fulfilled both customer & consumer marketing roles focusing on different FMCG categories & companies.

Recently, Dr. Akkaya pursues his professional career in  a leading snacking player organization holding a regional leadership role in marketing. In addition, he contributes to the marketing literature in various academic research projects specialized in market segmentation & marketing strategy.

Recent Publications:

Akkaya, M. (2021). Understanding the impacts of lifestyle segmentation & perceived value on brand purchase intention: An empirical study in different product categories. European Research on Management and Business Economics (Forthcoming) (SSCI)

Conference Proceedings:

Akkaya, M. (2019). Lifestyle segmentation: When is it applicable for brands? 52nd Academy of Marketing Conference, London, England

Akkaya, M. (2016). Discount store shoppers’ profile: A case study from Turkey. International Marketing Trends Conference, Venice, Italy

Akkaya, M. (2005). 2005 sonrası AB’de Turk tekstili: Fason üretimden marka pazarlamasına geçiş. 9th National Marketing Congress, Ankara, Turkey