Brian To

Adjunct Faculty

Brian To


Brian To has over 25 years of professional experience in private management consultancy for Fortune 500 and venture/growth firms. He also possesses a strong track record in strategy formulation and execution, corporate and business development, asset management strategy, business architecture, innovation of products and services, organization development, design and managing complex change, turnaround management as well as value creation.

Mr. To has furthermore considerable experience in advising and advancing family-owned enterprises and corporations in Asia. Industrial sectors of his corporate experience include energy/oil and gas, professional services, chemical manufacturing, telecommunications, banking and finance, consumer goods, education, electronics, property development and construction, and his expertise is additionally linked with organizations such as Exxon/Esso, Lafarge, Nortel, Mobil. He has also worked in other numerous firms on Growth, Globalization, Strategy and Revenue Expansion Initiatives.

Mr. To is a graduate of Harvard Business School and John F. Kennedy with a Master’s in Management and a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA).