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Sujit Ranjan Mishra

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Sujit Ranjan Mishra

DBA in Strategy, Project Leadership and PMOs
Research topic: Project management office models and their impact on organizational Innovation


Student Background

Sujit Ranjan Mishra is a doctoral candidate at SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich, Switzerland.
He holds a Master of Technology in Manufacturing management and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Birla institute of technology and science, (BITS Pilani) India.
Sujit is an automotive engineering expert in multiple domains. He also holds eight European individual and group Patents as innovation ideas, which are currently in use in multiply industries.

Professional Areas of Expertise and Career Roles

Areas of Expertise

More focus on Research and development related to Innovation implementation, Project development Management, manufacturing management, industrialization Management, Change Management; Industrial automotive Consulting;


• Design & Development Of Automotive Testing Tail lamp (April 2013) BITS PIlani, India
• Automotive underbody technology (April 2015) BITS Pilani, India

Publications in Works

• PMOs model and the Impact on organization Innovation

Doctorate Research Topic

Project management office models and their impact on organizational Innovation

Doctorate Research Area

Sujit’s doctorate research to find how is the PMO’s Models related to PMO methodologies – their impact on innovation. Configurations and impact on innovation or Does it mean something else? Can we categorize the topologies into models? Which is the Research model involved to co-link to the innovation respect to leadership, culture, or methodology?

Research Proposal & Questions

Dissertation proposal plans to defend in front of the SBS DBA Committee in December 2020.

Main Research questions:
R1: What are the PMO’s Models directly or indirectly involved in the organization’s innovation?
R2: What is the relationship between the PMO’s Methodology model and Organization adoption and their influence on innovation?

Research Application and Expected Findings:

• To understand the topologies of the PMO’s Model, in particular the new innovative approach to the Project.
• To prove the research model, therefore showing the co-relation between the PMOs’ quick adoption model to find the best roadmap.
• To provide insights into further research and to better understand the impact on innovation approach by the organization or not.

Next Steps

Next Steps:
• Refine research questions and construct validity / reliability
• Write full proposal and validate with supervisor
• Continue literature review
• Investigate sampling method and restrictions
• Create the entire list of questions for the survey
• Refine timeline and research plan

“Innovation add “value” to the Organization, value increase the productivity”, productivity bring the “efficiency”, Efficiency generate innovation”

Personal Motivation To Enroll Into The Program

It took me many years out working in Engineering and management in the field of research & development, operations in a prestigious organization and then came back to do academic research. in the motive to find a better way to bring the AIPMO’s principles to enhance efficiency to spark innovation, which includes the Management Research, business research Critique Analysis, and PMOs Schools.

Message to the Fellow Students

 As I am a first-year student at SBS, nothing much to say but I believe the combination of  Academic as SBS and Professional AIPMO can align your research ideology as we came from Professional background. This DBA/AIPMO program can guide you through specially designed theoretical and practical orientation that could bring you quality research on an academic point of view.”

Why SBS/AIPMO’s DBA Program?

I chose the SBS DBA program because it is one of the world leaders in business management school, which gives the right platform and brings balance professional and academic life, and I am still here for the same reason. I loved my master’s in management that gave me a real taste in project management research. After that, I knew I wanted to do further research as DBA in PMO with the collaboration SBS-AIPMO.