The SBS E-MBA: An Extraordinary Challenge

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The SBS Swiss Business School is more than an average Business School, founded in 1998 as a management institution and located near the airport in Zurich, the institution became one of the most established private business schools, recognized for its outstanding MBA program.

The international SBS Executive MBA is a 16 months program designed for people who are already in a demanding position and want to transform their business effectiveness and careers. What makes our program special is that the program consists of 8 modules which are offered with an interval of 2 months. A special approach are the Leadership Speakers who perform a presentation in the middle of a module. The Leadership speakers are selected managers who are working in an executive leadership position and are open to share their wide range of experiences with the students.

There is no doubt that SBS Swiss Business School prepares its students with this program for the next century and gets them in touch with the real world. Settle an appointment with the Registrar of the SBS Swiss Business School and be amazed at what you can achieve.

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