MINT Forum 2017

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MINT Forum 2017

Students in the third year of the SBS Swiss Business School’s BBA program successfully organized the 2017 MINT Forum with speakers from Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey. The topic of this year’s forum was Political Changes in the MINT Countries, with the speakers describing the current situation in their respective, developing countries and discussing the challenges which these countries face, as well as the opportunities and potential for progress. Dr. Wolfs, our Academic Dean gave the keynote address and the closing remarks. For the first time ever, this forum was broadcast through SBS Swiss Business School’s social media channels to a global audience.

After the informative and entertaining presentations, guests and participants were invited to enjoy an apero that was also prepared by the students. Here, speakers were able to engage in conversations with groups of students and answer further questions about their countries and learn more about these exciting developing economies and the promise that the future holds.

We would like to thank Mr. Rodrigo Aguilar Strecke, Mr. Jesse Ng, Mr. Francis Edo-Osagie and Ms. Pinar Altazli for their participation and for sharing their knowledge in this forum. We would like to thank the third-year students of SBS Swiss Business School for organizing and executing a wonderful forum and congratulate them on their success. We would also like to thank all the participants, at SBS Swiss Business School and elsewhere, who tuned in and asked questions and took part in this unique learning experience, and welcome you to join us for next year’s installment.

The 2011 acronym “MINT” refers to the countries of Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Turkey which have been identified as developing countries, having potential for significant growth within the next 2 decades, even joining the ranks of the most global economic drivers.