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Yesterday, students from the undergraduate (BBA) and graduate (MSc) programs in International Business and Management took a tour, led by Swissport, of the Zurich International Airport in Kloten, and had a wonderful look into the inner workings of Swissport’s operations there.

Mr. Heinz, our knowledgeable tour guide told us of the history of the airport in Zurich and provided us with information on the evolution and development from the beginning of Swissport’s operations until the present.

After being given our badges and high-visibility vests, students passed through Airport Security, and proceeded on to the tarmac briefly before going to see where the baggage and luggage was scanned, sorted and checked for security items, before being sent off to their many destinations all around the world. We also had a chance to observe the receiving end of the baggage and the unloading and sorting of the luggage for arriving passengers to pick-up here in Zurich.

Another wonderful and informative experience, and so close to SBS Swiss Business School as well.