SBS Top 4 Student Theses – Fall 2021

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We are proud to announce the top theses from each program for the Fall 2021 thesis submissions! All our students have done great research on so many different topics from so many different types of industries.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Nidhi Chatlani

Topic: The Impact of Having Children on Career Progression in Switzerland

Mentor: Dr. Mike Krey

Master of Business Administration

Daniele Altomare

Topic: Home Office and Well-Being in Covid-19 Times of Information Technology Professionals Working in Information and Communication Technology in Switzerland

Mentor: Mr. Thierry Kieffer

Executive Master of Business Administration

David Lang

Topic: An Analysis of Decision-Making Trends for Technology Adoption in the Operating Room Environment Within the North and Central European Market

Mentor: Dr. Joseph Brady

Doctor of Business Administration

Bradley Wadsworth

Topic: Power Distance Orientation and Questioning Skills of Business-To-Business Salespeople in the ICT Industry: A Comparative Study of India and The United States

Mentor: Dr. Carl Olsen