One Sweet Afternoon at Läderach

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HKMK SBS Hong Kong Graduation 2017

This week students in the undergraduate (BBA) and graduate (MSc) programs at SBS Swiss Business School visited Läderach in Bilten, Glarus, for a wonderful Chocolate Experience. There students learned about the growing, harvesting, fermenting, drying, and preparing of the cacao bean for processing into its final form as chocolate. They also had the opportunity to observe the cleaning, roasting, grinding, and mixing, of the cacoa as well as the various ingredients that go into white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

Of course, students also had the opportunity to taste the unfinished chocolate at various points along the process, from very bitter to very sweet. Our experienced guide, Patrick also took time to explain how Läderach works with the farmers and growers of cacao all around the world to create economically, and environmentally sustainable products, and why high quality chocolate, such as is produced by Läderach, is a Swiss tradition combining generations of innovation and expertise with each delicious bite.