MINT Forum 2015

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MINT Forum 2015 at SBS Swiss Business School

Save the Date

  • When: April 23, 2015 at 14:30 PM (CEST)
  • Where:
    SBS Swiss Business School
    Auditorium (1st floor, building C)
    Balz-Zimmermanstrasse 34
    8302 Kloten-Zurich, Switzerland

MINT Forum 2015

The MINT Forum is part of a SBS Swiss Business School student-run annual forum that focuses on emerging economies and developing countries. The countries include Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey. The topic of this year’s forum is “The Growth of Service Industries in the MINT Countries”. We will open the doors and welcome you to our MINT FORUM 2015 starting at 14:30 PM (CEST) at the SBS Campus.

Guest Speakers

  • Mexico
    Carlos Arocha
    Fellow of the Society of Actuaries
    Arocha & Associates GmbH
  • Indonesia
    Rizky Saputra
    Hospitality Management
    Student at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
  • Nigeria
    Dapo Oyewole
    Special Adviser to the Honorable Minister of State for Finance
  • Turkey
    Yasin Cakmak
    Associate Finance Manager in Marketing and Business


  • 14:30 P.M Arrival of guests
  • 14:45 P.M Opening remarks and introduction of speakers
  • 15:00 P.M Guest Speaker – Carlos Arocha
  • 15:45 P.M Guest Speaker – Rizky Saputra
  • 16:15 P.M Intermission
  • 16:25 P.M Guest Speaker – Yasin Cakmak
  • 16:55 P.M Guest Speaker – Dapo Oyewole
  • 17:00 P.M Closing remarks
  • 17:10 P.M Apero in cafeteria

Event Committee

  • Dr. Bert Wolfs
    Academic Dean
  • Marijana Karanfiloska
    Vice President
  • Jeremy Cruz
    Program Manager
  • Geania Kabolesha
    Event Organizer
  • Franziska Klauser
    Event Organizer