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SBS Graduation 2012

On Saturday, September 16, 2011 the SBS Yearly Graduation took place in Zurich Switzerland. Students graduated with Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in Business Administration. In total, students from 43 different countries did graduate. Our main Speaker was Mrs. Giselle Rufer, President and CEO of Delance Watches S.A. Also, the Prime Minister of Latvia, Mr. V. Dombrovskis, had a special gift for SBS. He gave us a personal signed copy of his latest book called: How Latvia came through the Financial Crisis. On top of that, we received a silver collector coin of 1 Lat from the National Bank of Latvia.

We thank all parents, friends and visitors for their visit and wish all graduates the best of luck. Remain in touch with your Alma Mater: SBS Swiss Business School.

More pictures can be seen in our photo gallery.

SBS Graduation 2012