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Here is a short summary of the successful Eden Doctoral Conference that took place from August 19th till 21st 2020. SBS Swiss Business School was a co-organizer of this event!

SEMINAR THEME: Next Generation Project Managers:
Mindfulness, Happiness, Spirituality, Intelligence, Wisdom and


1. To provide a forum for doctoral students in project management from Europe and around the world, where they can share experiences in studying project management, exchanging information on:
• Research and theoretical paradigms appropriate for project management
• Research methodologies appropriate for research in project management
• The literature on project management to inform their study
2. To explore with doctoral students new directions and new approaches for research in the field of project management

Who attended:

There were around 50 attendees present at any time during the conference
• Professors in project and PMO management from around the world
• DBA students from SKEMA, SBS, and three other schools
• Professionals and consultants
• SBS had five presentation slots including two themed discussions
•One first year DBA student (Mr. Sujit Mishra) presented his DBA topic

SBS presentations at EDEN

1. PMO Mindfulness
2. PMO Methods and Perspectives
3. SBS DBA in Strategy Project Leadership and PMOs
4. SBA/AIPMO insights
5. Relationship between PMO frameworks and organization innovation and the influence of PMO maturity on this relationship

Examples of SBS research topics resulting from the conference
• What is the impact of PMOs offering consulting frameworks/models services on projects teams’ cognition?
• Whatisrelationshipbetween cognition and project success and how does governance influence this relationship
• What is the impact of cognition team culture
• What are the EQ, MQ, TQ, IQ, and SQ for PMO managers, Project managers, functional managers, and program managers?
• What is the relationship between SQ(Spiritual Intelligence)and Mindfulness on project success?