DBA Faculty, Dr. Oedekoven, Has Published a Book

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Are You Ready to Let Go of the OLD … to Give Way to the NEW?

Leading Organizations embraces the new and different realities organizations are facing today.

Bookshelves are lined with leadership literature that bubbles over with recycled and repackaged ideas. Leaders want to know how to address the different world that is evolving and unfolding.

It is time to move beyond the leadership flavor of the month and practice what successful strategic leaders know: they must be open-mined and accept divergent views with bias. And, above all, they listen.

Peregrine Leadership Institute authors Olin Oedekoven, Krishnamurthy Venkateshiah, Douglas Gilbert and Deborah Robbins listened … they listened to countless global leaders of successful (and failing) organizations and those who were led by them. 

And they came away with essential factors that every thriving 21st Century organization embraces, including:

Strategies for 21st Century leadership

Organization, deliberate and emergent leadership tactics and policies

Indispensable elements to building better Boards

Elements that will drive customers and retain them

Ongoing performance management challenges and needed tools

Key areas to increase employee engagement

Why ethical organizations consistently outperform

Tactics for continuous quality improvement

As much as we might want to think otherwise, failure is a function of leadership.

Leading Organizations is in your hands at the right time. When a company gets into trouble … the causation is rarely the product or the employees who are at the root of it … it’s the leadership … Leading Organizations is a practical and executable guide to ensure you and your team have the insight and tools that will create performance excellence with strategic leadership.

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