Coronavirus information: Start of the Fall Semester

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On the basis of the latest decisions of the Federal Council and the recommendation of swissuniversities, the Faculty Academic Board together with the Health and Safety Committee and SBS Management has decided today in an extraordinary meeting that Covid certificates will be required in the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs as well as in continuing education programs, for faculty, guests and staff as of October 15th, 2021. This will enable us to make an effective contribution to containing the pandemic, protect our students, faculty, guests, and staff but also provide unrestricted face-to-face teaching. s

SBS protection concept

The present concept is binding for all employees, lecturers, and students of the SBS as well as for external visitors. SBS takes suitable measures to ensure that the requirements of the federal government and the canton are complied with. 

  • Regular hand washing is mandatory for everyone present.
  • Keeping a distance of 1.5 m from one another. A mask is required for all people who stay and move in the building and in the SBS classrooms.
  • Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects after use, especially if they are touched by several people.
  • All students, lecturers and staff are advised to install the Swiss-COVID app for efficient tracking of chains of infection .
  • People with symptoms of illness and people who live in the same household with someone who has COVID-19 or who have been in close contact with such a person are prohibited from entering the school premises. You follow the instructions for isolation according to the FOPH . The procedure in the event of illness or quarantine cases is specified. Information about illness to supervisors or course support.
  • Consideration of specific aspects in work situations and occasions in order to guarantee protection.
  • It is the responsibility of all employees and students to implement the protective measures efficiently.

SBS takes the following measures in the building:

  • Frequently touched surfaces (handles, handles, railings) are cleaned several times a day with normal cleaning agents in order to reduce the risk of indirect contact infections.
  • Tables, chairs and all equipment in the classrooms are disinfected when changing classes.
  • A disinfection stand is set up at the main entrance. Hand disinfectants are available at all entrances to the SBS classrooms. The recommendations of the BAG are posted in all classrooms.
  • The maximum room occupancy for meeting rooms, seminar rooms and classrooms has been determined and set up accordingly (maximum number of chairs and tables).
  • People are not allowed to share food and drinks.